Recently Russia’s Invisible Border was started. It tries to shed light on geopolitics and Russia-West relations in particular. This is a tricky subject, for a lot of the information presented by the press I deem as very unreliable. This is amongst others, due to poor understanding of Russia in the west and vice versa. It leads to the perception of borders that are in fact, are hardly there. While at the same time completely overlooks borders, for example cultural, that are there. With this blog I hope to address both of these invisible borders.


For those wondering who writes this blog, allow me to spend some words introducing myself; my name is Stefan Beck. By study I am a physicist and currently work as a teacher. Although nature’s beauty greatly captivates me,the complex interactions in the world of international politics greatly interests me. Hence I spend a large portion of my time keeping track what is going on around the globe. Armed with textbooks (And a lot of persistence, I should add!) I have taught myself Russian. By the help of my travels and Skype I try my best to maintain contacts in and around Russia. Currently, I reside in the Netherlands but travel as often as is possible.

Finally, please do not let any remark, question, suggestion or request roam in your head alone. Please contact me, it will be my delight reading your thoughts.

mes . beck [ at ] yandex. ru





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